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BPC by Dib Carneiro Neto

BPC: Beatles revisited at the service of musical initiation


When I first saw a performance of the BPC quintet, I realized that the parents were excited to give their children the chance to "get off the ground," jump, scream and vibrate with hits that everyone can sing together. I understood a fundamental challenge: more than a mere amusement, there is also a strong component of 'musical initiation' throughout the project Beatles Para Crianças.

Now, with the insert of this incredible CD, this is proven again. We have here more than one booklet: it is a true "rock manual", with delicious explanations about the four movements of the genre, the most characteristic instruments of the bands, the looks that the kids can adopt at the time of " "And even tips for 'first-time rockers': how to produce those little lights in the dark, the 'right' way to swing your arms, and so on. I felt like being a kid again to relive the experience of my first ballad, having in hand "my first rock CD".

Teaching music in such a thoughtful, fun and interactive way is the great thing about the B4K project. Look at what the psychoanalyst and educator, miner Rubem Alves (1933-2014) once wrote: "If I were to teach a child the beauty of music, I would not begin with scores, notes and guidelines. We would listen to the hottest melodies together and tell you about the instruments that make the music. There, enchanted by the beauty of the music, she herself would ask me to teach her the mystery of those black marbles written on five lines. Because black polka dots and five lines are just tools for the production of musical beauty. The experience of beauty has to come before."

For this "experience of beauty" is present on this CD. There is no denying it. Each track was very well chosen and integrated into the project. The arrangements are original, not copies or mere reproductions of planetary successes. We're not listening to covers from the Liverpool Quartet. No way. The five 'boys' of the BPC project do not even dress like the Beatles. Wigs? Accessories? No way. The cheap of them seems to be another: they want to prove that the re-readings of great successes have the potential to rejuvenate the soul, integrate generations, facilitate coexistence, contribute to an ethical and healthy formation, stimulate corporal expression, and finally open doors to a musical world to be unveiled by this young girl of the age to start shaking the clues, plunging headlong - and responsibly - into the realm of twist and shout.

Fabio Freire (idealizer, musical director, educator, vocalist and guitarist), Eduardo - Ludi - Puperi (Guitarist, keyboards and harmonica), Humberto Zigler (drums), Johnny Frateschi (bass) and Gabriel Manetti (vocalist, actor, voice actor and art), completely dominate the entire repertoire of the Beatles, but present us with every song with a new flavor, with a contemporary footprint, with an eye on the interest of the new generations. They make real rock, but without fear of including some new instruments, playful and fun, like ukulele, charango, kazoo and washboard.

In just over two years, they have passed the mark of 300 shows - and they all invariably end up with parents and children singing and dancing together, in a unique and rich experience of musical interaction. Now with this record, the 'fathers and sons' ballad will be able to extend into the house, with furniture dragged into a corner and the carpet released to withstand many jumps and a huge euphoria.

"Music is a medicine, a tonic, orange juice for the ear," wrote the English neurolinguist Oliver Sacks (1933-2015). The phrase fits like a glove in the charming educational project of the BPC group. Just as it is worth remembering this pearl of the late Rubem Alves: "Educators, before being specialists in tools of learning, should be experts in love: dream interpreters." Fabio, Ludi, Humberto, Johnny and Gabriel, undeniable teachers of rock, present us here with a CD that is pure dream and that, certainly, will awaken vocations and new children's talents - and help us educate our children to love. Forever, Beatles.


Dib Carneiro Neto is a journalist, child theater critic and playwright

A quintet;

a first rock show for kids;

an incredible repertoire; stories told and sung;

participation of children playing instruments with the band;

the family having fun; the parents on stage in an amazing coral;

sound effects and unusual instruments; a children's show where adults get sweaty with so much excitement;

... all this in a dynamic show, lively and with quality music!

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Beatles Para Crianças is a project created by Fabio Freire, educator, musician and musical director with specialization in art education.

With his experience of music teacher for more than ten years for children of all ages, with 5 cds composed for the children's audience and several musical and theatrical presentations, Freire met with 3 other musicians and the actor and playwright Gabriel Manetti to form this show .


The idea is to make a rock show for children, where all generations have fun and enjoy good music and good stories. Children and adults play with the songs, go on stage to sing and play some instruments with the band and delight in songs that do not let anyone stand still.


The show begins with a beautiful projection and with the entrance of the band, which already arrives inviting the children to enjoy their first rock concert. They teach the three rock movements and during the show they delight the whole family with super fun jokes and stories.


From then on, the children, totally taken by enthusiasm, dance, sing and learn historical songs from the quartet.

Parents are also taken by energy and animation and enter the dance with their children and the party takes over the theater.


With every song a surprise and every surprise a rich and remarkable experience for the children and for the parents. A show for the whole family.

Beatles Para Crianças, the musical sensation of the moment among the kids, since 2016 is part of the MCD artist team. The quintet, which takes the songs of the Liverpool Quartet in a fun way to children of all ages, has been performing shows that translate into pure fun for kids and adults alike. And to enshrine the soft anarchy they cause in their presentations, the group released their first CD, Beatles Para Crianças.

The idea is to bring the same synergy of the shows, which combine story-telling, sound effects, unusual musical instruments and, of course, a repertoire of Liverpool quartet classics for family parties and gatherings.


The result of two years of uninterrupted shows, the CD features fifteen Beatles songs, stories that are told on stage and a true rock manual for the kids. It was recorded with great care, respect and dedication, retaining the original arrangements of the Beatles and always keeping the intention of bringing quality music for the whole family and especially for children.

The project gained momentum when Fabio was selected by Rede Globo television to meet Beatle Paul McCartney in Recife in 2012.

The videos of the presentations of this project charmed the jurors and the idol. Thus the project gained "official" authorization from the master.


Since then, the group has been attending events, schools, sescs and projects all over Brazil. Since October 2014, the group has performed in several concert halls and theaters all over Brazil. The show features a great audience interaction, photo projections, videos and a light and sound technical apparatus that adds more power to the songs of the British quartet. It's a good place for the whole family to have fun like never before, enjoying quality music.

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personal archive photo

BPC - Spotify

The Beatles Para Crianças Project with another amazing novelty !!

The Beatles Heroes Book !!!

A story full of adventure and mystery.

In a distant time, people do not like music anymore. In some small places hidden in the city, few bands still perform. One of them is the B4K Band. Except that the group's own drummer is also disheartened and weird. They discover that there is a drink that has some substance that leaves its consumers sad and not want to listen to music anymore. The boys of the band turn into Beatles Heroes and discover the whole mystery.

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